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Meet Margo Dalinghaus


RN | Equine FEEL Practitioner | Spiritual Counsellor | Quantum Healer

Trained to see YOU as Whole when you have forgotten...

 Creating whole health and happiness has always been the driving force in Margo’s career, and many formal credentials support her work as a FEEL Practitioner and Spiritual Healer. Margo is a Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from UBC and post graduate training in Cognitive Therapy from the Beck Institute in Philadelphia PA. She obtained her Coaching Certification from the Coaches Training Institute and a second degree in Metaphysics from the University of Sedona. She is an Ordained Minister with the International Ministry of Metaphysics and trained in both Reiki and Reconnective Healing. Most recently Margo has been certified as a Medical Medium and Quantum Healer under world renowed Healer Marlene Allen in Body Power Quantum Healing Technologies. Margo is also formally trained in trauma physiology and trauma healing.

Although deeply prepared to facilitate health and healing with a strong education and skill set - it is Margo's heart and faith in Spirit's ability to heal and create miracles that will walk you HOME.

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Why Horses?

Horses are prey animals and have ensured their species’ survival through highly sensitive observational skills and intuitive responses to their environment. Unlike humans who rely mainly on intellect, horses access wisdom from their entire bodies, allowing them to read and respond to the energy around them. As a result, horses can attune to clients and pay attention to their emotional state and body language with great accuracy – they can listen to us at a much different and deeper level. This resonance is palpable and creates a strong sense of connection between horse and human. The horses respond in the moment to these connections and insightful reflections of the horse behaviors can then be used by clients and facilitator to better understand and change client behavior. As a result, participants experience the positive impact of that change in their lives. Horses create harmony and balance in people by aligning body, mind and Spirit. Living like the horse, from a PURE HEART – can bring great joy and freedom. And in learning to connect with the Spirit of The Horse , those working with them become one with their own spirit, where they feel a sense of greater authenticity, connection and closeness with all that is.

Working With Horses and Quantum Healing Can Help YOU With

PTSD & Trauma

Feeling whole and beautiful again after trauma.

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Spiritual Healing

Connecting you to the Divine and your Higher Self with Quantum Healing tools for drastic and often sudden healing of body, mind and soul.

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Revealing powerful insights on how you effectively lead and influence others.

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Depression & Anxiety

Cultivating calm and peace of mind to see your world with more joy and clarity.

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Deepening the connection between your heart and others.

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Physical Health

Assisting the body to heal itself physically and reverse the aging process drastically.

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Why Spirit as Quantum Healer?

Spirit is always flowing, always nourishing life into creation, always presenting steps and solutions and always reminding us that we are perfection in this moment. With Spirit as Healer, we invite you into a more advanced spiritual classroom of the Soul when working with the horses and in the quantum field. Sometimes we think that more advanced means more effort and yet in Spiritual matters, we can learn to stop controlling and directing our lives from a more limited perspective and instead become open to receiving and being directed by Higher forces - which include our own Divine essence at One with the Source of it All. With the power of Spirit and the Wisdom of the Horse, we can become strong within ourselves and able to move in a direction that serves our Highest Good without losing our power. A newfound flexibility and trust can become part of what makes us powerful instruments of Divine creativity and healing. There are times when Spirit, the mystery of Source endlessly unfolding, calls us to stop fighting against the flow and instead let it move us with its grace so that we become capable of surrender. If allowed to flow, Spirit is more powerful than any apparent obstacle no matter how unsolvable some situations may appear to be. This is where miracles happen. Together, Horse and Spirit increase the possibilities.



When I arrived at the ranch I immediately felt tranquility and peace. The horses stood strong and displayed such grace. My practitioner Margo Dalinghaus graciously welcomed me in a very professional manner. The heart connections I experienced with the horses has opened my heart to self and others in a whole new way.

I highly recommend Equine Therapy with Margo to anyone coping with difficult traumatic experiences. She creates a safe place for healing and self care.

- K Jheeta


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One on One  Horse Guided Sessions

out at the farm in nature to reclaim


like never before

Energy Shift Image with hand.jpg

Spiritual medicine and tools to create a fundamental change in consciousness for drastic healing of the body, mind and Spirit not previously experienced in conventional medicine or talk therapy.


Salt Spring Island one on one and group retreats

combining Horse Guided Sessions and Quantum Healing to reveal the unquestionable beauty of your heart and your deepest TRUTH for your remembering.


Why Nature?

The healing and stress reducing benefits of nature are well documented. Being in nature is a beautiful multi-

sensory experience when we have the opportunity to take in the sights, sounds, smells and textures of it all. After being in nature, we recognize intuitively that we just feel better. And research now shows evidence of health benefits including reduced blood pressure, cortisol, stress, anger and depression, as well as enhanced energy, mood, creativity and immunity.

Yet for most of us, earning our paychecks requires that we sit indoors, often plugged into a computer with not even a single plant in sight. As a participant of Whole Beauty Inc, you will be immersed in nature when working with the horses one on one at the farm or as a group at one of our healing retreats on beautiful Salt Spring Island, BC. Give yourself the time to soak in the many benefits of Mother Earth.


In person horse healing sessions take place only a short distance from downtown Vancouver at the Freedom to Feel Horse Guided Healing Centre, in Langley BC. The farm provides you with the perfect oasis of tranquility and peace amongst the trees to enhance your FEEL experience and will increase your healing outcomes. Feel the stress leaving your body as soon as you step onto the property.

Note: Spiritual Counselling, affirmative prayer and Quantum Healing sessions can be done over the phone or via distance.


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