Much has been written recently about “emotional intelligence” – how people who excel in this area tend to be more successful in life than those who score impressively on conventional IQ tests. It seems that those who are emotionally intelligent meet life’s unpredictable challenges with openness and good will, have a calming presence that can transform the volatile moods of others, and realize that all emotions, even the darkest ones like depression and anxiety – have the power to protect and inform. These are the same skills that horses teach with remarkable speed and facility in Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning ( FEEL).

To horses, emotion is simply information. In order to survive as prey animals, they have had to be sensitive to emotional energy and the intention behind it. As a result, they are more likely to emphasize emotion over reason compared to human beings. They have maintained a highly developed ability to respond to subtle changes in stance, muscle tension, breathing and hence the general arousal level of animals, predators or humans around them. Emotion functions as a tangible energetic force like a sound or a smell that travels through the air. This invisible yet powerful energy full of information emanates from each and every one of us and can actually be picked up by others in our general vicinity at a physical level – but because we are so logical, compared to horses - it is often missed.


Horses can teach us how to pay attention to our emotions as information to discover the message behind the feeling.  Depression for example often follows a period when we did not listen to sadness, fear, anger or grief. With its stagnation, it can be telling us that we should not be moving in the direction we are headed. While some depressions do result from chemical imbalance and respond well to antidepressant meditations, many cases stem from a deep seated, intuitive objection to major life choices. Working with the horses can help you identify the message behind your depression and lead you to your true heart desires.

Anxiety also has a message for you. Quite often anxiety is an indication that either you or those around you are being incongruent and the horses can also help you unravel, understand and repair these feelings.

Emotions exist to help the body protect and heal before, during and after trauma. They are a vital connecting link between the body mind and spirit. They are fluid and carry large amounts of energy. They are truthful and healing if we approach them correctly, use them honorably and treat them with respect. With FEEL – you can reclaim your emotions and find your centre. The horses are emotional geniuses and can teach us how to ride the power of our authentic feelings. Our goal is to be more horse  like, and learn to understand and differentiate our emotions, take the information the emotions provide, and make changes or take action so that we can come back to a state of safety, wellness and peace of mind with ease.

Let us show you how.

Quantum Healings can fast track your recovery from Depression and Anxiety

Supplement your horse healing sessions with a quantum clearing to remove any Spiritual interferences to your perfect mental health. Entities, shared energies, chords, timelines, ancestral bloodlines and more can all block you from experiencing happiness, peace of mind and contentment without you even knowing it. Testimonials from clients emphasize that quantum healings can have you feeling happy and peaceful like NEVER BEFORE without the suffering experienced with talk therapy and other modalities. 

Stand alone treatments also available.