There is a genuine need for authentic leadership and a team that is engaged. 


Technology has drastically changed our work environments, but successful organizations recognize that human traits cannot be replicated by machines.  This is a prerequisite for organizational success. Creating a heart-based, innovative, cooperative work culture is essential.


Individual and team-building experiences use on-the-ground, horse-based exercises to reveal powerful insights on the motivational, emotional and social influences that shape how you effectively lead and influence others and how your team works most effectively together.


Whether you are a leader/manager, business owner, health care professional, project manager or someone with leadership career aspirations, let our herd guide you to more effective communication, better collaboration, enhanced creativity and productivity in your workplace.


Step out of the office and into the beautiful natural setting of our farm where a transformative experience with horses awaits you and your team.

What you can expect:

  • Ground-based, horse activities with exploring themes such as natural leadership, teamwork, connection, personal presence, trust, change management and communication.


  • Redefine the qualities of a good leader and create a compassionate, inspired workplace with increased performance outcomes.


  • Uncover creative approaches to work and workplace by fostering better collaboration with your team, understanding resistance and a creating a safer space for innovation and new ideas.


  • Resiliency: Explore the emotions that arise at work and learn to best manage them during times of high stress.


  • Teamwork: Engage in meaningful team-building exercises with energy-sensitive horses sensing and responding to unseen group dynamics.