“Trauma sufferers, in their healing journeys, learn to dissolve their rigid defences. In this surrender they move from frozen fixity to gentle thawing, and finally free flow. In healing the divided self from its habitual mode of dissociation, they move from fragmentation to wholeness. In becoming embodied, they return from their long exile. They come home to their bodies and know embodied life – as though for the first time. While trauma is Hell on Earth, its Resolution may be a gift from the Gods.”

-Peter Levine in An Unspoken Voice

If not healed, trauma lingers in our hearts and bodies and then ripples out to all areas of our lives causing confusion, isolation, loneliness, sadness, depression, anxiety and chronic illness. Souls become fragmented and trust, safety, self confidence and well being are lost.

With the gentle horses as teachers - and Margo as a trauma informed Facilitator and Quantum Healer, sacred space will be held for you to guide you back to your True Self. With a renewed sense of self, embodiment and well – being, your PURE HEART will begin to heal and shine for more authentic living. Horse medicine and quantum healing for the treatment of trauma have both been shown to be extremely healing modalities where conventional therapies have failed. Both provide an effective, safe and gentle space to return to wellness.


Whole Beauty Inc. wants you to know that there is a way to be free from the toxic effects of past trauma. Please call Margo to discuss how working with the horses and the quantum field can help - especially if traditional medicine and talk therapy have failed you. She can also help you with understanding the stress physiology of trauma, how to take care of your nervous system for healing and is happy to incorporate Spiritual Healing and Affirmative Prayer should you like additional tools to support you through your journey.