Quantum healing is a form of mind-body medicine wherein a fundamental change in consciousness is said to produce a profound healing of the body, mind and Spirit. The term "quantum healing" was first introduced by Deepak Chopra, M.D., in his book Quantum Healing (1989) to explain certain types of sudden and dramatic healing that are not understood by conventional medicine.

With quantum tools acquired via the Body Power Quantum Healing Certification program with renowned healer Marlene Allen, Margo can help you achieve your highest and most Divine blueprint for health, happiness and prosperity.

Quantum clearings remove blocks and interferences to wholeness at the energetic and cellular level to target the Source of your symptoms for deep and sustainable healing from the inside out.

They will increase your Life Force, Vibrational Frequency, and overall health and wellness to illuminate your HIGHEST AND BEST BLUEPRINT FROM SOURCE.

All sessions begin with a BASIC VITALITY REGENERATION , so that all subsequent healings are properly integrated and thus, more effective:


Increase your life force for more vitality and energy.

Increase your vibrational frequency for greater consciousness so that you attract greater health, happiness and abundance into your life

And then, clear all Spiritual interferences, dark energies, oppression, control, and suppression to make room for the healing light force from the Quantum Field of all that is GOOD.

Feel good. Feel alive. Feel energized. Feel free. Feel connected. Feel Young. Feel like YOU AGAIN.



Once you have completed your Basic Vitality Activation - you will be ready for more customized Quantum Healings. Packages are as follows, and others can also be custom designed to meet your specific needs:


Balance and Vitality Activation Pkg – increase your life force and vibrational frequency while balancing your chakras and energy bodies ( aura ) so that you feel energized, alive and connected to your self, others and the world in a more harmonious way. You will experience an overall and noticeable difference in your energy levels, well-being and health immediately. And you will be primed to attract more health, happiness and success into your life with ease - especially with additional, customized healings.

Cost: $249.00

Please note: Balance and Vitality Activations are required before all personalized offerings.


Prices for all add ons vary and can be discussed with Margo in a complimentary consultation. 


Trauma Clearing – remove trauma and its impact for freedom, peace of mind and a renewed desire to participate in and live your life fully.

Emotional and Negative Thought Form Clearing -  for happiness, a more balanced mood and peace of mind. Allow the positive thoughts to grow for more positive outcomes in all areas ofyour life.

Addiction Clearing – remove addictive patterns in consciousness, family lifelines, time lines and ancestry for addiction free living.

Relationship Clearing – remove karma, shared energies and spiritual chords for deeper connections with loved ones. Experience deeper intimacy, love and excitement in relationships.

Law of Attraction ( Amplification ) Clearing -  remove any programs that interfere with your highest blueprint for love, health, prosperity and happiness. These include such things as programs in your bloodline, past lives or thought forms that prevent transformation in your life. Soul contracts and agreements. Curses. Karma. Shared Energy. Trauma. Cycles. Chords. Agreements and group mind contracts you bought into and MORE.

Anxiety and Depression Clearing – remove dark energies that darken your mood and outlook on life.  Shift out of anxiety and depression and reclaim a sense of calm, peace of mind and JOY from the inside out. Feel alive and motivated again – with an enthusiastic anticipation for all things GOOD.


Sleep Upgrade – a calcified pineal gland and low levels of melatonin can hinder sleep. This clearing will revive both and also clear additional, customized interferences that are preventing you from a nourishing, deep and restorative sleep.


Virus and Infection Clearing  - 2/3 of all people have some form of underlying virus or bacteria that is negatively impacting their overall health and decreasing their longevity without them even knowing it! These pathogens can stay dormant in the spine, organs and body systems and wreak havoc on our body’s optimal well being and functioning. Sometimes a big stress or trauma can set these viruses into action and leave your immune system vulnerable and unable to support good health. This clearing will identify and remove these underlying problems.

Mid Life Hormone Balancing - this hormonal makeover will bring back rejuvenation and vitality that is often lost in mid life after exposure to years and years of toxins and stress. The quantum tools applied with the Body Power system that Margo uses will reverse cell degeneration and reignite balance, stability, pleasure, energy, and peace of mind without the use of pills or creams.

Space and Property Clearings – our working spaces or homes can take on very dark energies depending on what has taken place there and these dark energies can also serve to drain you of your energy, vitality and health. By clearing such things as curses, agreements and ghosts in your physical space – this clearing can raise the vibration of your living space for greater well-being, energy, relationships and health.

Stand Alone Hormone Upgrade - whether it is your adrenals, thyroid or brain chemistry that needs a boost, a quick consultation with Margo can let you know where we need to begin to restore well-being and optimal health. A slower approach, but one step at a time - we can restore balance, stability and peace of mind this way too. 

Organ Regenerations - specific symptoms you have might call for a specific organ upgrade. With an organ quantum healing, symptoms will resolve by supporting your body's own intelligence to heal where medical intervention may not have helped to date. Many clients have restored brain, colon, and muskuloskeletal problems using the Body Power technologies for example.

Brain Regeneration  - The role your healthy brain plays is an important part in optimizing your entire existence. Through your brain you view and understand your world. Your brain provides much of the content of your personality, character, judgment and ability to make good choices. When your brain is working well, so are you. However, when your brain vitality is compromised, you will notice a diminished ability in all areas of life. The brain controls all the systems of the physical body and even some parts of the energetic body. For people in pain, healing the brain can restore the nerves to ease and equilibrium, resulting in reduced pain sensations or even a total clearing of pain. Digestion is also affected positively by restoring the brain to a healthy state.

DNA Activations  - the process of recessive DNA Activation is meant to give you access to, and enable you to correct the faulty DNA programs that are causing problematic issues in your life. By using this protocol, you will be able to experience your life in full self-expression. 

The Impact of Altering DNA for many clients is often described as life altering,because it can mean the difference between health and vitality versus illness, suffering, and early death. For other people, alteration of their problematic DNA will allow them to embrace the life for which they have carefully studied and trained but, as yet, have not been able to realize. This is because, up until now, their cellular bodies were programmed for a less-than-desired situation or result. Want drastic change now - this is a must!!

Prosperity and Pleasure Upgrade - many have learned and locked in self sabotaging patterns that block their ability to recieve happiness, joy, intimacy, pleasure and prosperity. Remove all blocks to pleasure and abundance and enjoy each of these at a deeper level for more self love, intimacy and financial success.



Customized packages can be provided based on specific symptoms and needs.

It is an honor to support you in your healing journey. 

I am confident that miracles are possible if you believe and we work together using Spiritual tools to support your Body Mind and Spiritual Intelligence.

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