Being with the horses gets people to open up their senses, especially their sense of intuition. For many, intuition is something that is taken for granted or dismissed. As clients learn to trust that their intuition is real and accurate, they become more intuitive, thus more successful in their relationship with Self and others.

Deep heart connections felt with the horses can also be something new and very powerful for many. Testimonials regularly report that learning to feel more deeply with ones heart  has had dramatic implications in their relationships resulting in a feeling of greater connection and intimacy.

FEEL work will definitely deepen the connection between your heart and your loved ones.  Our unique offering for couples, families and friends will be sure to rejuvenate, strengthen and celebrate significant relationships in your life. Our PURE HEARTED herd will guide you and your loved one(s) to enhanced  communication, vulnerability, trust, and shared personal growth.

QUANTUM HEALING sessions can also enhance and speed up your relationship healing by removing shared energies, past karma, negative thought forms and bloodline relationship patterning that no longer serves you.