From Ernest Holmes:

“ I Recognize the Indwelling Spirit “

A belief in the Invisible is the very essence of Faith. Prayer, or spiritual communion, demands a complete surrender to the Invisible. It knows that because the Creative Power of the Divine is at hand –  all things are possible.

Please ask Margo about her Spiritual Practice lessons.

Affirmative Prayer Treatments are also available upon request.

Much of Margo’s work is based on the teachings of Ernest Holmes, founder of the Science of Mind philosophy which teaches us that through the innate, creative power of our mind we are continually creating the conditions of our life. Whether we are conscious of it, or not – our thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs are shaping our tomorrows. The desire for a richer life has always been at the heart of human striving. Something within each of us, in our innermost being, knows that greater possibilities exist for us and that they can be fulfilled.

Margo assists her clients to tap into this Divine power at the centre of their being to improve their lives and the world around them by asking, “ If we are chemists in the laboratory of the Infinite. What, then shall we create? “ We possess the opportunity in each moment to use our power of choice in bold and imaginative ways. She will support you from the standpoint that: “ There is a power for Good in the Universe greater than you, and you can use it.”  And from here, you will be assured that you can change your life for the better. With a newfound ability to trust this truth and act from a place of knowing that you are supported by the Universe for your Highest Good – you will find new solutions to problems relating to health, finances, relationships and all aspects of your life.

Margo also offers QUANTUM HEALING technologies that can provide sudden and drastic healing not previously experienced with conventional medicine or talk therapy. Many clients she sees have experienced trauma, resulting in chronic mood and physical ailments that have not responded to more traditional therapies. Quantum clearings and activations have provided many with hope and newfound health and happiness.

Quantum Offerings:

Balance and Vitality Activation Pkg
Increase your lifeforce and vibrational frequency while balancing your chakras and energy bodies
( aura ) so that you feel energized, alive and connected to your self, others and the world in a more harmonious way. You will experience an overall and noticeable difference in your energy levels, well-being and health immediately. You will be primed to attract more health, happiness and success into your life with ease. Many Spiritual entities and interferences can play havoc with your sense of balance, vitality and overall health – causing extreme fatigue, apathy, and disease where flow and motivation used to reside -so these will also be cleared with this package to regain your sense of Self and Perfect Health as a baseline now.
** Pls note: Balance and Vitality Clearings must always be done initially prior to any customized clearings | add ons.

$149 each as stand alone treatments
$99 when done at the same time as your Balance and Vitality Activation Package
Trauma Clearing
Remove trauma and its impact for freedom, peace of mind and a renewed desire to participate in and live your life fully.

Emotional and Negative Thought Form Clearing
Create happiness, a more balanced mood and peace of mind.
Allow the positive thoughts to grow for more positive action and outcomes in all areas of your life.

Addiction Clearing
Remove addictive patterns in consciousness, family lifelines, time lines and ancestry for addiction free living.

Relationship Clearing
Remove karma, shared energies and spiritual chords for deeper connections with loved ones. Experience deeper intimacy, love and excitement in relationships.

Law of Attraction ( Amplification ) Clearing
Remove any programs that interfere with your highest blueprint for love, health, prosperity and happiness. These include such things as programs in your bloodline, past lives or thought forms that prevent transformation and expansion in your life. Soul contracts and agreements. Curses. Karma. Shared Energy. Trauma. Cycles. Chords. Agreements and group mind contracts you bought into and MORE will be removed.

Anxiety and Depression Clearing
Remove dark energies that darken your mood and outlook on life. Shift out of anxiety and depression and reclaim a sense of calm, peace of mind and JOY from the inside out.
Feel alive and motivated again – with an enthusiastic anticipation for all things GOOD.

Insomnia Clearing
A calcified pineal gland and low levels of melatonin can hinder sleep.
This clearing will revive both and also clear additional, personal interferences that are
preventing you from a nourishing, deep and restorative sleep.

Virus and Infection Clearing
2/3 of all people have some form of underlying virus or bacteria that is negativelyimpacting their overall health and decreasing their longevity without them even knowing it!
These pathogens can stay dormant in the spine, organs and body systems and wreak havoc on our body’s optimal well being and functioning.
Big stresses or trauma can set these viruses into action and leave your immune system vulnerable and unable to support good health. This clearing will identify and remove these underlying problems.


Natural Mid Life Hormonal Makeover

Reverse your biological age and improve your physical and emotional wellbeing by balancing and restoring your hormonal health and rejuvenating your wellbeing at a cellular level. Removal of toxins that have built up over the years and faulty programming will leave you feeling like a younger, healthier and happier version of you.

Specific Organ and Body System Resets

Assess and reset whole or specific organ health and body system function for optimal health and wellbeing. Imagine what a nervous system reset and brain function rewire could do for you right about now?


DNA Activations

Wake up your DNA to its highest potential for increased health, immunity and effectiveness in your daily life. Improve your inner sight ( clairvoyance ) and improve internal communication with your multi-dimentional Self.

Space and Property Clearings
Our working environments or homes can take on very dark energies depending on what has taken place there and these dark energies can also serve to drain you of your energy, vitality and health.
By clearing such things as curses, agreements and ghosts in your physical space – this clearing can raise the vibration of your living space for greater well-being, energy, relationships and health.